FiDi, Financial District


Throughout the 20th century, the Financial District became a ghost town after the stock market closed each day at 4 o’clock. Certainly, nobody lived there. But the neighborhood, now affectionately called FiDi, has undergone a remarkable transformation from a business district to a vibrant mixed-use community. FiDi is no longer just for the FIRE industries (Finance, Insurance & Real Estate). It’s become a culturally rich, 24-hour neighborhood with some of the best home values in town.  Many residents say the Financial District now is the most exciting neighborhood in Manhattan!

There’s little question FiDi is the most historic neighborhood in New York City. Originally settled by the Dutch at the southernmost tip of Manhattan Island, the City of New Amsterdam was established in today’s Financial District in 1624. The British took over in 1664, and renamed it to New York, after the King’s brother, the Duke of York.

At the time of earliest settlement by Europeans, the northern boundary of city was Wall Street, where they literally built a wall. Because trading of every commodity occurred there, Wall Street became known as the center of commerce and remains so today. In the 21st century, the northern boundary of FiDi is considered to be Chambers Street and the approach to the Brooklyn Bridge. South, east and west boundaries, of course, are New York Harbor and the rivers.

Housing Opportunities in FiDi

Although FiDi still reigns as the financial capital of the world, it has also become a desirable residential area. In the new millennium, the estimated population of the neighborhood has more than quintupled. Even people who don’t work in the neighborhood are attracted by its excellent housing opportunities and easy commutes. FiDi now has improved transportation with the huge new Fulton Street transit hub, along with expanded ferries, water taxis, marinas, and helicopter terminals. Luxury retail has followed the progressive, affluent new residents into FiDi, notably at Brookfield Place, a huge indoor shopping mall at World Financial Center.  Historic South Street Seaport, George Washington’s favorite Fraunces Tavern, and beautiful colonial Stone Street remain magnets for tourists and locals alike.

FiDi has unique housing opportunities for every resident’s taste, from the classically inclined to the avant-garde. Some of New York’s most beautiful buildings were constructed in the economic boom years of the 1920s, and many fine old offices have been converted into gracious homes. Sumptuous temples of industry erected by the wolves of Wall Street are now museum-quality apartments that retain historic grandeur along with new millennial features. Fine examples are The Crest, 30 Exchange Place and 116 John Street.

Tenants who enjoy sleek, mid-century modernism can enjoy the elegant restraint of converted high-rises like 90 Washington Street and 2 Gold Street. And those who appreciate a tasteful balance of classicism and unfettered artistry will go for Downtown by Philippe Starck, the original JP Morgan building renovated by the celebrated designer who is anything but traditional.

The Neighborhood of Architecture Landmarks

World renowned “starchitects” have contributed some of their best work to the FiDi cityscape, including: David Adjaye, 130 William Street; Rafael Viñoly, 125 Greenwich Street; Santiago Calatrava, Fulton Transit Hub and the Oculus; Andre Balazs, William Beaver House, and Frank Gehry, 8 Spruce Street, to name just a few.  Tenants in FiDi have the opportunity to reside in works of art by some of the world’s most celebrated architectural leaders.

An unprecedented development downtown has been the creation of Battery Park City – a remarkable 92-acre man-made construction on the west of FiDi. Imagine adding a huge artificial extension to the island of Manhattan offering cultural, retail and business resources to FiDi residents!

Despite the exciting transformation FiDi has undergone, great home values still remain. Prices have generally not risen as quickly as the neighborhood has changed. With many residential options throughout FiDi, pricing is competitive, and many apartments are no-fee luxury rentals. Developers offer homes in every price range, from economical homes below $3000 per month to the Woolworth Building’s palace in the sky selling for $100 million!

If you want a unique home in a convenient location with plenty of parks, schools and local culture, FiDi is definitely a neighborhood that should not be overlooked. In fact, so many opportunities are available there that it is difficult to zero in on the perfect choice in terms of price, location, amenities, and style. Array Property Group’s agents have a special affection for Fidi and its wide range of homes and look forward to showing you around.



Williamsburg – affectionately known as Billyburg – is to many renters the most exciting neighborhood, not just in Brooklyn, but in all of New York City. Tenants are attracted by Williamsburg’s rich, progressive culture, which includes fashion, music, shopping, fine dining, and incomparable real estate.

Williamsburg is in northwest Brooklyn. The famous Williamsburgh Bank Tower, rising 37 stories, makes the neighborhood quickly identifiable from a long distance. The Burg’s boundaries are the East River on the west, Greenpoint on the north, Newtown Creek and Queens on the east and Bedford-Stuyvesant on the south. This great central location is served by a dozen bus lines, the Williamsburg Bridge, and the G, J, M, and Z trains. In a most fortunate development for Burg residents, the dreaded suspension of L train service was canceled by the state in early 2019. With such excellent transportation, some say Williamsburg is closer to Manhattan than some parts of Manhattan, and the trendy restaurants, galleries, and other cultural resources even attract Manhattanites to cross the river! Two of the Burg’s most famous assets are Peter Luger’s Steakhouse, a world-renowned restaurant since 1887, and Brooklyn Bowl, the world’s only environmentally certified bowling alley, where non-bowlers can dance and drink the night away.

A Little of Historical Twist

Williamsburg has a rich and unique history as a distinct part of the city. In 1792, an investor named Woodhull created a subdivision called Williamsburgh, accessible by ferry, aimed at Manhattanites seeking the suburban life. It grew into a fashionable resort that attracted famous New York families such as the Vanderbilts, Whitneys, and Fisks. In the 1850s, Williamsburg (minus the “h”), became part of the City of Brooklyn. The area also became industrialized, housing facilities for such well-known firms as Pfizer, Rockefeller’s Standard Oil, CorningWare, Domino Sugar, Schaefer Beer and many more. By the 1960s, Williamsburg supported nearly 100,000 manufacturing jobs. Little did the industrialists know that factories of the 19th and 20th centuries would become fabulous, spacious luxury housing of the new millennium!

The first pioneers to discover “Billyburg” were artists attracted to spacious, light-filled, post-industrial lofts. Soon, the infrastructure to serve these new residents, like stores and restaurants, followed. The neighborhood which was once a well-kept secret, with cheap apartments and convenient transportation, became a desirable hot spot. A veritable real estate boom began. Former factories were converted to luxury condos and apartments, and new residential high-rises began going up all over. In response to this development, the city made infrastructure upgrades, approved zoning changes for parks, and increased housing.

Williamsburg Today

Today, Williamsburg has become so desirable as a residential destination that many apartments there are even more expensive than Manhattan – making Manhattan appear to be the bargain! According to real estate experts, the average sale price for apartments is just under $1 million, and one-bedroom rentals range from $1800 to $4000 a month.  

Brokers who specialize in super-luxury Manhattan apartments are increasingly receiving requests to look at Williamsburg inventory. Notable buildings there include 420 Kent, the Domino at 325 Kent, 1 North, 4 Place, and Level.

In the last 20 years, Williamsburg has been arguably the most dynamic neighborhood in New York City. Hundreds of new businesses have cropped up, residential conversions and constructions have come on the scene, and the controversial L train project has gone. With all this activity, it is difficult for newcomers to find the hidden gems that still exist in this coveted neighborhood.

Array Property Group agents are experienced experts who have cultivated deep knowledge and a sincere love for Williamsburg. We welcome calls from anyone who would like to learn about and share Williamsburg real estate with us.

Apartments in Chelsea NYC

Chelsea is one of the districts that ruin the stereotype of NYC being a ‘concrete jungle’. It’s a perfect neighborhood for those who appreciate art, delicious food, and want to find a place where they will never get bored.

Art Spaces

Chelsea will satisfy your aesthetic needs, whether you like traditional or contemporary art, photography or sculpture, and even performance. Being one of the most prominent art districts in the world with several hundred galleries, it gives an opportunity to discover new artists and experience new unfamiliar art forms. The Rubin Museum of Art, David Zwirner Gallery, the Joyce Theater, and Taglialatella Galleries are just a few must-visit places in the neighborhood.

High Line

A unique elevated park was built in 2009 in place of an abandoned rail track and has now become an ideal route for leisurely walks 30 feet above the busy tireless city. This modern landscape architecture creation regularly hosts art installations ‒ one more reason for those interested in art to check out this district. Moreover, this spot has breathtaking views on sunsets on the Hudson River.

Chelsea Market

Once a factory where Oreo cookies were produced, over the years Chelsea Market complex has been attracting chefs, bakers, butchers, farmers, fishmongers, cheese-makers, and other food-related professionals. Now it has transformed into a huge food court with so many options that even the pickiest eaters can relish.

Flea Markets

For antique lovers, Chelsea accommodates two of the best flea markets in NYC. At Artists & Fleas, which is located at Chelsea Market, you may find art and design items, vintage clothes and jewelry, and other goods from more than 30 independent designers. 1$ entrance fee to Chelsea Flea Market gets you access to over 100 vendors selling furniture, vintage clothing, and jewelry, artworks, collectibles, and antiques.

Luxury Appartments in Chelsea NYC

Chelsea architecture is a combination of industrial buildings, charming pre-war buildings, and new luxury highrise rentals. The prices for apartments in Chelsea NYC are reasonable, and living here is a bit cheaper than in the neighboring Flatiron or Greenwich Village. The neighborhood is diverse not only in buildings but in its inhabitants as well Chelsea welcomes new residents of different level of income, age, nationality, and lifestyle.

There is plenty of options for those who prefer luxury apartments in new buildings with numerous amenities. A few of the best luxury building are Chelsea Tower, the Caledonia, the Capitol, Chelsea Landmark, EOS, and the Sierra. All of them have a doorman and offer luxury amenities including gym, outdoor space, etc. Most are pet-friendly.

Contact us on our website if you have fallen in love with the neighborhood and are looking for an apartment here 🙂

Why Do Entrepreneurs Choose Coworking?


There has never been an easier time to be your own boss and to achieve really great things as an entrepreneur than at present.  Indeed, today, entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own company, launch their own product or service, has such potential without astronomical investments.  Entrepreneurs today are no longer limited by space, funds, or even networking opportunities. All this can be provided for you through “coworking.” Coworking has become the hottest trend in start-ups and entrepreneurship, and Array Property Group LLC has all the necessary know-how and experience to help you choose the right one.  Whether you are dreaming to start reasonably small, or whether you have looking to launch big, the opportunities are there.  Coworking has become the hottest trend in business innovation and gives you unlimited potential. If you are looking to venture into the world of entrepreneurship and innovation, if you have business ideas that you are looking to bring to life, and if you have a plan for making a profit, consider the successes of thousands of individuals who are working through shared office spaces.

Coworking spaces are defined as membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelances, remove worker, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.  There is such a multitude of different disciplines, professions, and industries using coworking spaces that it is close to impossible to list them all.  However, whatever your ideas, projects, ventures, or goals are, undoubtedly, the coworking is sure to fulfill all your needs. Since coworking first emerged space first emerged in 2005, so this is not a new phenomenon, but it is one that has grown exponentially over the past decade or so.  Since it was first launched, over 14,000 coworking spaces have opened worldwide, and it is expected that by 2020, there will be over 30,000 coworking spaces with nearly 5 million members.  WeWork alone has increased its customer base in 2017 alone by 370%. Coworking space provides a unique culture, and if you have an idea, a product, or service, coworking will offer you opportunities that traditional settings lack.

Let’s say you have an idea, a product, or a service, and you are ready to bring it to the market. Consider the upfront costs of starting such a venture.  Not only do you need to find a real estate location, but you also have to commit to a lease, purchase furniture, supplies, and hire staff. You also need to find optimal networking avenues and make sure that you have the right talented staff. By the time you are set up for business, the pressure for immediate profitability drives most new entrepreneurs to abandon their ventures before they get a chance to get their product or service off the ground.  Let’s also not forget the depressing corporate cubicle culture and monotonous daily routines. One thing for sure, coworking spaces are anything but depressing or monotonous.

Let’s say you have an idea, a product, or a service, and you are ready to bring it to the market. Consider the upfront costs of starting such a venture.  Not only do you need to find a real estate location, but you also have to commit to a lease, purchase furniture, supplies, and hire staff. You also need to find optimal networking avenues and make sure that you have the right talented staff. By the time you are set up for business, the pressure for immediate profitability drives most new entrepreneurs to abandon their ventures before they get a chance to get their product or service off the ground.  Let’s also not forget the depressing corporate cubicle culture and monotonous daily routines. One thing for sure, coworking spaces are anything but depressing or monotonous.

So, why are coworking spaces so great and what exactly do they offer? For one, shared spaces offer their members weekly or monthly renting options.  So, unlike the traditional business model where you have to sign a two-, three-, or five-year lease, coworking spaces like WeWork wisely offer short-term memberships that can be renewed as per the worker’s needs. If one coworking space location does not meet your needs, your financial commitment is limited enough to change your environment.  This is something that you surely wouldn’t be able to do if you sign a lease and rent an entire office. Actually, with shared workspace, there is no need to get your own printers, desks, or secretaries. There is no need to even get a coffee machine. All is provided for you and is part of the shared workspace environment. It is a practical and cost-effective solution for any new start-up or already existing business.  

The benefits are multiple. Coworking spaces clients are extremely diverse: there are freelancers, independent professionals, entrepreneurs, lawyers, coders, designers, programmers, accountants, among many others.  As a member of coworking space group, you have access to all these professionals, creatives, and talents, and this inter-space collaboration strengthens your options and opportunities. Need a marketer to market your idea? Need an accountant to file your taxes? Need an attorney to get legal advice? Chances are, in larger coworking spaces you will find at least most of these professionals. There are many professionals to keep you updated and informed, and the collaborative aspect of the shared workspace environment is invaluable.  What is missing is the backstabbing, the inter-office competition, the hierarchy that is not always based on meritocracy, and the monotony of most traditional corporate cultures.

So if you decided to give shared workspaces a go, which one is right for you? Shared workspaces are growing in popularity, and new ones are popping up all over the place.  Array Property Group agents know how challenging it is to venture into the unknown.  You can read online reviews, conduct your own search, but what’s better than actual real-life, in-person guide who can direct you to the shared workspace that meets all of your needs.  Array Property agents have been working with shared workspaces clients long enough to know what most of these companies offer, and are the best sources of information to meet all your needs.  There is surely no shortage of options. Array Property agents will give you insight into all the benefits, amenities, and perks that each of these companies offers.

Best Coffee Shops to Work in NYC

Whether you are a freelancer or an office worker with a flexible schedule, you might get tired of an ordinary everyday environment. Change of a workplace can inspire and push you towards new ideas. It is also an opportunity to meet new people if you lack communication at home, or on the contrary escape a crowded office. Coffee shops where you can work in a hustle-free atmosphere, and drink a ton of delicious coffee might be just the perfect spot for you to be both productive and relaxed. Here is a selection of best coffee shops to work in NYC.


instagram @ancolienyc


58 West 8th Street

Cute and quiet place with free WiFi, coffee and snacks. Ancolie is a place for you if you are looking for a quiet spot to work in and have a healthy meal. Sustainability of the coffee shop is an additional perk – they serve food and drinks in mason jars (even if it is to go).


Saltwater Coffee
instagram @saltwaternyc

Saltwater Coffee

345 East 12th Street

The coffee shop is small but has a lot of natural light. Quiet music, free WiFi, and a decent amount of outlets makes it a perfect spot for work while having a cup of coffee with a delicious croissant.


instagram @groundcentral

Ground Central

155 East 52nd Street

Great quality coffee, free WiFi and a relaxing atmosphere. Might be even too relaxing because of the dark colors and music so if you want to work here it’s better to sit by the window rather than in the back.


instagram @ut47manhattan


358 West 47th Street

A wide selection of tea, a variety of pastries, and calming atmosphere. Customers get the WiFi password on the receipt. It’s a nice place to work in, read a book and meet with friends afterward till 10 or 11 pm on weekdays and 12 am on Fridays and Saturdays.


instagram @sevengramscaffe

Seven Grams Cafe

275 7th Ave

A minimalistic, bright and airy place with free WiFi to work in, have a cup of coffee and a piece of carrot cake. Vegan pastries are also on the menu.


instagram @redfleececafe

Red Fleece Cafe

901 Broadway At 20th St

Free WiFi, plenty of outlets, and a comfortable noise level makes this coffee house a destination for people looking for a place to spend an afternoon getting work done or reading in silence. Free refill policy on coffee is a great bonus.


instagram @boundlessplainsnyc

Boundless Plains Espresso

19 Rector Street

This non-chain coffee shop with friendly staff has free WiFi, small and comfy tables to work at, delicious coffee and plenty of healthy meal options. Ideal spot to work, study or catch up with a friend.


instagram @devocionusa


69 Grand Street

Aesthetic of the space itself is breathtaking. The glass ceiling lets in tons of natural light. Green plants, wood and leather textures make the coffee shop really cozy. While during the week this place attracts many people who want to work or study, be prepared that free WiFi is accessible only on weekdays. Saturdays and Sundays are for live communication with family and friends.


instragram @brooklynroasting

Brooklyn Roasting Company

25 Jay Street

The coffee shop has much more to offer than just coffee. It has a matcha bar, a retail shop with coffee beans which they roast themselves, and a spacious light cafe with free WiFi and communal work tables.


We hope you will find The One among these spots for work. Let us know your favorite laptop-friendly coffee shops in NYC in the comment section.

Looking for studio apartments for rent in NYC $800? These tips may be helpful

Today the dream of moving to NYC is more real than ever. Coming to New York might bring you to the turning point in your career as it is a city of endless opportunities. It is definitely a place for ambitious and aspiring people. However, moving to NYC can be challenging. One of the biggest concerns people who move to New York is whether they will be able to afford living there as prices on the real estate are skyrocketing. We want to share these simple tips on how to look for a cheap apartment in New York and avoid scammers, while looking for studio apartments for rent in NYC $800.

Look for a studio apartment

If you plan to live alone in your new apartment, a studio might be a perfect solution. Usually, studio apartments are up to 600 square feet and are designed to satisfy all your basic needs. A studio is a conjoint area which consists of a kitchen, a sleeping area and a living room area, and a separate bathroom. Some of the studios even have alcoves which include separate areas for a bed.

Find roommates

If a studio apartment for one is out of your price range, look for people to split the rent with. You can search for a two bedroom apartment or rent a cozy convertible one bedroom. One of the many pros of living with a roommate is that you are more likely to get approved for a lease because you will split the required annual income between all the tenants who sign the lease. There are numerous websites and apps which make finding a roommate easier, like, or

Try your luck and apply for a housing lottery

The Department of Housing Preservation and Development gives an opportunity to apply for affordable housing in the city. You can visit and find a suitable program. Make sure you have the qualifications for this specific program and learn everything about the application requirements, fill in an online application and wait. You can set up notifications which will keep you updated about new programs.

Be cautious while looking for studio apartments for rent in NYC $800

The prices start at $1500 in distant neighborhoods. So finding studio apartments for rent in NYC $800 is practically impossible.  Don’t fall for suspiciously cheap offers, never agree to anything without actually seeing an apartment and without signing a legally verified rental agreement. Remember that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

Finding an affordable apartment in New York is challenging but not impossible. Stay positive, explore all the available options, and contact Array Property Group if you get overwhelmed with the search. We do not charge our clients any fees, and our experienced team is always happy to help. Good luck!

Shared Workspace VS Private Office Unit. The Perks of Being a Part of a Coworking

Shared Workspace

Array Property Group team answered the most commonly asked questions about shared workspace.

Why should I choose a shared workspace over a private office?

Working from home when you are self-employed can be challenging due to numerous distractions and inability to focus in a non-working atmosphere. Those looking for a space to work in have two options: renting an office or renting a dedicated desk at a shared workspace aka coworking. If you do not need a quiet private space for meetings with your clients, like for instance psychologists or lawyers do, we strongly recommend considering the latter.

Is it really cost-effective?

Let’s say, you are looking for a workspace in Midtown West. An average price for an office unit is $1000, and prices for a dedicated desk vary from around $300 to $600. Keep in mind, that private offices for $1000 are usually quite small, with small windows or windowless, and can accommodate one person. For 2 or 3 times less you can rent a dedicated desk at a spacious shared workspace instead of a lightless box with room for just one office desk.

What is included in the price?

Many of the coworking spaces provide high-speed internet, print, scan, and copy services, as well as offer access to a shared kitchen with a microwave and a fridge, filtered water, and a coffee machine. All the utilities are already included in the price. Conference rooms and outdoor terraces for breaks are also a common feature. You don’t need to worry about accessibility to your dedicated desk since a lot of shared workspaces are open 24/7. Moreover, wouldn’t it be nice to work at light and airy space with panoramic windows, modern furniture, and comfortable lounge zones?

Wouldn’t it be better to work without so many people around?

Another advantage of a shared workspace is the ability to meet new people, build useful connections, share ideas and knowledge, and find new opportunities. It is a place where networking works. Shared workspace experience is about working in an open friendly environment and building a community of people from various fields united by a common goal to achieve great results. However, if you feel really uncomfortable around a big amount of people, some coworking spaces offer dedicated desks in smaller rooms for about 5 people only.

How can Array Property Group help me find a shared workspace?

Office buildings managements often do not advertise the available options all at once. In order to check the availability of dedicated desks, you need to contact the managers for all the necessary information. Array Property Group team can do the research for you as we have a deep knowledge of the market. Moreover, we search for coworking spaces that fit your description and can schedule a number of viewings for you. With us, you can easily choose the most suitable shared workspace in the desired neighborhood. We do not charge our clients for any of these services.

Experience Luxury No Fee Apartments NYC with Array Property Group

It’s no secret that finding desired home in New York City with no broker’s fee can be tough and time-consuming. An endless variety of options on New York real estate market can be frustrating and overwhelming for a person looking for no fee apartments NYC. Misleading advertisements with irrelevant photos cause unrealistic expectations, waste your time, and in the end do not satisfy your needs. Being transparent, honest and client-oriented is the main principle of Array Property Group.

How Working with Array Property Agent Saves You Money and Time?

One of the most frequently asked questions among people who are looking for a new home is whether they can check out an apartment without a real estate agent. Yes, you can do that. However, it is much easier and faster to entrust a broker with the search. Scheduling a meeting with building managements can be problematic. By the time you have seen all the options and made a decision, the place you’ve set your eye on might not be available any more.

Our agents can arrange a set of scheduled meetings so that you can see up to 10 options in just one day. Once you make a decision, you can sign the application right away. For those who don’t have time or desire to spend a day riding around the town, we offer virtual apartment viewing via FaceTime from the most luxurious buildings in NYC, or just send you videos and photos from the place you are interested in.

While renting an apartment in NYC, broker’s fee can cost you up to 15% of the annual rent, which is almost 2 months of rent. We strongly believe that clients should not pay for research, apartment viewings or any other brokerage. That is why we recommend our clients to choose from no fee apartments. It saves you thousands of dollars, and weeks of searching.

Benefits That We Offer

Array Property Group has a deep knowledge of the market and can show you a wide range of luxury no fee apartments NYC in the most desirable neighborhoods.

Moreover, choosing to work with us will get you a number of perks:

  • car service for your appointment;
  • assistance with the application process;
  • discounts on payments for building amenities or gift cards whenever it is possible

Finding luxury no fee apartments NYC can be simple. All you have to do is name criteria for your new home and choose from a number of available options that match your request. Array Property Group website is user-friendly so that you can fill in the application in no time. One of our agents will provide you with an array of suitable options. 

We are dealing with the most luxurious buildings in NYC. Get your no fee apartments NYC by committing with one of the trusted and reliable real estate solutions.