Midtown West

Midtown West goes by the colorful names of Clinton and Hell’s Kitchen. Whatever name you choose, this area west of 7th Avenue from the West 30s to West 50s offers fine residential options. In fact, many Array Property Group customers start out looking at exotic, trendy neighborhoods but select Midtown West as their home based on convenience, spaciousness, and value.

Hell’s Kitchen The Hottest Part Of Hell

In the 19th and 20th centuries, Manhattan’s West Side was mostly industrial, with docks, railroads, factories, commercial offices, and tenements to house the workers. Hell’s Kitchen – meaning the hottest part of Hell – was a reference to the gangs who inhabited this rough part of town in the 1880s. A century later, the antiquated structures were cleared, making way for waterfront parks and spacious, sparkling residential towers. These glistening glass high-rises are filled with amenities and provide amazing open views of river and city above the low-rise terrain. The landscape has certainly changed, but the cute nickname of Hell’s Kitchen endures.

The Residential Inventory Midtown West Has To Offer

Midtown West’s residential inventory includes many brand new high-rises, some designed by eminent architects and offering advanced environmental features. This is a superb area for tenants who prefer new developments. The famous Silver Towers, opened on 42nd Street in 2009, created a new standard in construction values by introducing the idea of condo-quality in a rental building. New buildings since then have been forced to compete at this higher level, rolling out increasingly fine homes with extravagant extras. Each one seems to outdo the ones that have gone before.

Buildings in Midtown West have ample space for generous layouts and exceptional amenities packages. Far from the dense overdevelopment of Central Midtown, where skyscrapers stand shoulder to shoulder, Hell’s Kitchen has room to spread out. Developers have space to offer an unimaginable range of amenities. In this neighborhood you’ll find buildings with such unusual luxuries as basketball and tennis courts, expansive roof decks, pools, rock climbing, children’s playrooms, computer labs, conference rooms, garages, health clubs, onsite libraries, theatres, gardens, game rooms, driving ranges, music rehearsal rooms, lounges with catering kitchens and even dog spas. West Side buildings compete aggressively to provide the most creative and extravagant resources. All these extras add real value as an extension of your home, offering plenty of extra space for entertainment or a quiet retreat. The right amenities package lets you meet like-minded neighbors, creating a real sense of community within a single luxury building. Residents often say that their favorite attribute of Midtown West is the unique culture that develops in each building.

In Manhattan’s other, denser neighborhoods, residents may have views only of city streets, or even just a brick wall. But in this open area, some of the city’s most spectacular vistas may be yours, enhanced by floor to ceiling windows that capture sweeping river and skyline views. The lights of Broadway are right below your window, with the Theatre District in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen. Now that the “Emerald Necklace” of parks circling Manhattan has been developed, Hudson River Park is your 550-acre backyard, filled with recreation opportunities like bike paths, piers, dog runs, the grand Intrepid museum and the city’s Circle Line. The Highline elevated park, which is still being expanded, also serves the neighborhood. The most exciting addition nearby is the $20 billion Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project, which is the biggest real estate project in America’s history, bringing brand new retail, offices, parks and utilities to the southern border of Midtown West.

In the past, the biggest drawback of Midtown West was its distance from mass transit. Residential buildings compensated for this by providing shuttle buses to transit hubs. But now, the 7-line subway following 11th Avenue through the center of Hell’s Kitchen has made travel a breeze for thousands of residents, with service every five minutes. In fine weather, some residents still prefer to get to the central business district on foot or their own wheels.

Relatively Economical Luxury Housing Opportunity

Hell’s Kitchen’s location is by far its finest asset financially. Because of the lingering perception – mostly false – that the area is remote and undeveloped, rents remain relatively economical compared to the available quality, space, views, and amenities. And with ample inventory in large buildings, many managements offer no-fee luxury rentals to attract tenants. Prices continue to be favorable but are rising due to widespread press acclaim for Hudson Yards.

Midtown West is an extremely popular neighborhood for Manhattan tenants. Notable buildings include Silver Towers (one of the first super luxury rentals), Sky (with a huge scale of amenities and luxuries) MiMA (with a private Equinox club onsite), Oscar, Riverbank, 555 Ten, and Emerald Green/Crystal Green (environmentally certified).

At risk of too painful a pun, Hell’s Kitchen is now at it’s hottest. Good deals are still to be found, and Array Property Group brokers look forward to showing you around this delightful area.